Dignity Champions at St Josephs

Anyone who is committed to taking action to improve dignity in care is welcome to join as a Dignity Champion. That includes existing older people's champions and care service providers as well as the people who use and commission those services. It is also open to advocacy organisations, MPs, councillors and members of the public.

The precise nature of each Dignity Champion's role will vary depending on their knowledge and influence and the type of work they are involved in. There is no job description for a Dignity Champion. All Dignity Champions, no matter what their background, have an equally important role to play. It is entirely up to each individual Dignity Champion how much or how little they get involved, inevitably, some will be able to commit more than others.

As a minimum, Dignity Champions will be asked to do what they can to put dignity in care on their local agenda, to challenge bad practice where they see it and share what works with other Champions.

The Service Provider and the General Manager are Dignity Champions for London region and promote dignity in care within St Joseph’s and also share the good-practice with other providers through local forums. The Care Manager who is also a dignity champion works with two nominated ‘Junior’ champions among care staff and a service user dignity representative to promote dignity and respect for all service users and staff. Audits are regularly undertaken to identify and learn from issues that arise within the service framework.


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